The Alumni Association of Reading High School regrets to inform you that the Annual Reunion and Recognition Banquet is canceled once again this year due to the ongoing crisis of the Covid-19 virus. While many of us have been or will vaccinated and it seems like the crisis is coming under control, we did not have time to organize the event and felt that attendance was likely to be low. Also, Reading School District is still avoiding unnecessary in-person events, and we wanted to respect that.

Outstanding Reading High School students will be selected at a future date and will receive a $1500 scholarship from the Alumni Association of Reading High School. Student names will be posted on our website here.

Individual alumni classes may hold separate gatherings over the summer or later in the year, and we will do our best to share information on those events as that becomes available.

Thank you again for your continued support of our students and program. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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I was nothing short of amazed to get correspondence from you.
I live in NYC..200 East 57th 4F and Netanya, Israel and have not been in Reading for a thousand years. I was in the class of 1956.
Notice someone by the name of Lippincott…..I knew someone with the same last name, Sandy was her first name….any relation?
I understand there is a fee for membership of $35…please contact me with credit card information so I can contribute ….Best regards to any “56ers that might be around.

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