We had an amazing time at the banquet. We celebrated our 2024 scholarship recipients and honored alumni Louis Dalaveris, M.D. ’79, Ivan Martinez ’84, and Danny Gardner ’01.

Congratulations to our 2024 Scholars.

  • Derrick Asante
  • Jessica M. Bealer
  • Giovanni Angel Beato
  • Ariel J. Cerda
  • Timmy Duong
  • Jackelyn Elizabeth Flores-Velis
  • Damien Anthony Ortiz
  • Delia Parra-Almanza
  • Ana Daniela Pichardo Montilla
  • Joan Pintag
  • Zachary Schrader
  • Kevin Tinoco-Gonzalez
  • Rachel Torres Pariente
  • Dayhana Marcela Trevino-Escobar
  • Marisol Valdez-Perez
  • Jordan M. Zavala-Medina

Here are some photos from the event.

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